mainelli tool and die made in usa lockets
lockets made in the usa
Made in the U.S.A
Manufacturer's of quality-made: FASHION Jewelry, RELIGIOUS Jewelry, and LOCKETS
Unfinished, Semi-finished and Finished Findings Available - Minimum Orders Required Brass (base metal), Steel (large quantity orders),
Sterling Silver, 12k & 14k Gold Fill
Rectangular Lockets (.75" x 1 ")
Open rectangular locket
open rectangular locket
Minimum Orders per style: base metal (1 gross), sterling silver & gold fill (3 dozen), gold (contact us)
Prices vary with sterling and gold based on current daily market on date of order.
A variety of bails are available on most lockets: Regular (shown), 3/16" wide, Rabbit Ear, or Ring
L8500 plain rectangle locket
L8500 sterling rectangle locket
L-8500 plain locket
L8501 floral pattern rectangle locket
L8502 hammer pattern rectangle locket
L-8501 floral
pattern locket
L-8502 hammer
pattern locket
Pillow Square Lockets
L8503 Embossed lined rectangular locket
L-8503 lined
pattern locket
L8504 satin rectangle locket with crystal stone
L-8504 satin
(1) 22pp stone
L-8505 satin
(1) 22pp stone center
L8506 satin rectangle locket with four stones  
L-8506 satin
(5) 22pp stone center
L8507 embossed initial rectangle locket
L-8507 emb initial (ANY)
(1) 22pp stone
L8508 embossed scroll rectangle locket
L-8508 embossed scrolls raised oval center
L8509 emboss scroll locket with crystal
L-8509 embossed scrolls oval center (1) 22pp stone satin/polish
L8510 embossed scroll locket with initial
L-8510 emb scrolls oval center Initial (ANY) satin/polish
L8511 raised oval center rectangle locket
L-8511 embossed raised oval center
L8512 initialed locket
L-8512 raised oval center Initial (ANY)
L8513 rectangle locket with diamond
L-8513 raised oval center (1) 22pp stone
L8514 rectangle locket with stone setting
L8514 gold rectangle locket with oval stone
L-8514 emb scroll design with 8x10mm setting
L8515 plain rectangle locket with stone setting
L-8515 plain with 8x10mm setting satin finish
(onyx shown)
L8531 checkerboard design locket
L-8531 checkerboard design/ polish
L8533 diamond scroll rectangle locket
L-8533 diamond scroll design/ polish
L8523 embossed mom gold rectangle locket
L-8523 embossed Mom sat/polish
L8529 A place for mom locket
L-8529 'A Place For Mom' sat/polish
(MUM available)

L8532K Mum with rose rectangle locket
L-8532K/E 'Mum' with Rose sat/pol/ color
L8526 embossed rose rectangle locket
L-8526 embossed rose with frame  polish
L8527 sterling rectangle locket with rose
L-8527 embossed two color rose sat/pol
Rose with color avail
L8526E Square locket with rose with color
L-8526E embossed rose with frame  /color
L8516 embossed tree of life locket
L-8516 embossed
tree of life sat/pol
L8530 engraved tree of life
tree of life /polish
L8518 embossed starburst with stone locket
L-8518 embossed
starburst with (1) 9ss stone /polish
L8519 rectangle locket with channel 7 stones
channel with (7)
9ss stones /polish
L8521 Rectangle embossed paw locket
L-8518 embossed
paw sat/pol
L8535E Pet Loving Memory Square locket
L-8535E "Loving Memory' with Paws sat/ color
available as cremation
L8522 embossed miraculous locket
emb Miraculous
L8520 rectangle locket with emb cross
emb cross
L8524 embossed cross with stone rectangle locket
emb cross
with (1) 9ss stone
satin/ polish
L8517 rectangle locket with cross and color
emb cross
(1) 9ss stone
satin/ polish/ color ANY
L8525 embossed rectangle locket with cross
emb cross
(11) 9pp stones
satin/ polish
L8534 Loving Memory rectangle locket
'In Loving Memory'
(6) 5ss stones
L8528E I love you rectangle locket with roses
"I Love You" with 2 roses
sat/pol/ color
L8536E Love with rose square locket
"Love" with rose
sat/pol/ color
L8537 mama and baby bear square locket
"Mama Bear Baby Bear" polish
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