Mainelli Tool and Die Jewelry made in the usa
made in usa
Made in the USA
Manufacturer's of quality-made: FASHION Jewelry, RELIGIOUS Jewelry, and LOCKETS
Unfinished, Semi-Finished and Finished Findings Available - Minimum Orders Required Brass (base metal) * Steel (large quantity orders) * Sterling Silver * 12k & 14k Gold Filled
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Contact us with a concept and we can create your finished product ready to sell.

In-house services include:
Precision Custom Tool & Die Making
Free Custom Design Services for all tools made on our premises /your designs are welcomed
Free Price Quotes on all products
Progressive Tool Stampings and Die Struck Findings
Emblematic Tooling & Production
Custom Engraving
Custom-made Carbon Boards
Hard and Soft Soldering (brazing)
Hand Soldering
Carbon Board Soldering
Atmospheric Oven Soldering
Contract Soldering
Product Assembly - Carding, Wrapping, Labeling, and Packaging
In-House Tubbing

Machine Technologies include:
High-Ton stamping machines
Wire EDM
Sinker EDM
Digitizing Equipment

Plating Services Provided:
Polish only - Polish/ Anti-Tarnish - Tubbing & Anti-Tarnish - Flash Gold - Hamilton Gold - 3-5 mils Gold - 7-10mls Gold
10 mils Gold - Silver Plate - Rhodium Plate - Satin Silver & Satin Gold - a variety of Ox-Finishes - Antique Lacquer Finishes
Hand Soldering
Atmospheric Ovens for
Soldering & Annealing
Our Tool & Machine Departments

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