mainelli tool and die made in usa lockets
overlay lockets made in usa
Made in the U.S.A
Manufacturer's of quality-made: FASHION Jewelry, RELIGIOUS Jewelry, and LOCKETS
Unfinished, Semi-finished and Finished Findings Available - Minimum Orders Required Brass (base metal), Steel (large quantity orders),
Sterling Silver, 12k & 14k Gold Fill

Overlay Lockets

Minimum Orders per style: base metal (1 gross), sterling silver & gold fill (3 dozen), gold (contact us)
Prices vary with sterling and gold based on current daily market on date of order. A variety of bails are available on most lockets: Regular (shown), 3/16" wide, Rabbit Ear, or Ring
L1083 Cherub round locket
L-1083 22 round
Cupid overlay ©
L5217 cupid heart locket
L-5217 20 heart
Cupid overlay ©
L7111 cherub oval locket overlay
L8098 cupid oval locket
16 oval
Cupid overlay ©
L-8098 20 oval
Cupid Overlay ©
L8099 FLower of Life oval locket
L-8099 20 oval
Flower of Life overlay ©
Pillow Square Lockets
L1084 Scroll overlay locket
L-1084 22 round
Scroll with 4 crystal stones overlay ©
L1085 scroll overlay round locket
L-1085 22 round
Scroll overlay ©
L1086 Nouveau round locket
L-1086 22 round
Nouveau overlay ©
L5224 scroll overlay heart locket
L-5224 20 heart
Scroll with 4 crystal stones overlay ©
L1087 Rose overlay locket
L-1087 22 round
Rose overlay ©
L5218 keys overlay locket
L-5218 20 heart
Keys overlay ©
L5219 paw overlay heart locket
L-5219 20 heart
PAW overlay ©
L5220 dog overlay heart locket
L-5220 20 heart
Dog overlay ©
L5221 Fleur overlay heart locket
L-5221 20 heart
Fleur overlay ©
L5225 celtic knot overlay locket
L-5225 20 heart
Celtic Knot overlay ©
L5226 nouveau overlay heart locket
L-5226 20 heart
Nouveau overlay ©
L5222 Mom overlay heart locket
L-5222 20 heart
MOM overlay ©
L5223 hearts overlay heart locket
L-5223 20 heart
Hearts overlay ©
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