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made in usa
Made in the USA
Manufacturer's of quality-made: FASHION Jewelry, RELIGIOUS Jewelry, and LOCKETS
Unfinished, Semi-finished and Finished Findings Available - Minimum Orders Required Brass (base metal), Steel (large quantity orders), Sterling Silver, 12k & 14k Gold Fill
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Minimum Orders per style: base metal (1 gross), sterling silver & gold fill (3 dozen), gold (contact us)
Memorial Cremation Container Pendants are 7/8" round, 3/8" deep and available in brass, sterling silver, and gold fill. The 1/4" hole in the back of the container can be filled with anything including ashes of loved ones. A surgical steel plug is included. Once the plug is inserted into the hole the contents are sealed.
CR100 Plain Memorial Cremation pendant CR100 Back of Memorial Container Pendant   embossed mom memorial container   CR102 Loving Memory Memorial Cremation Pendant   CR103 Cross Loving Memory Cremation Container pendant   CR103 Loving Memory Pet Memrial Container
CR-100 Plain FRONT + BACK
CR-102 In Loving Memory with Rose
CR-103 In Loving Memory with cross
CR-103E/PAW In Loving Memory with paw
CR-101 embossed
MOM satin/ polish
Component Parts
Wire Form Bracelets
Flowers Butterflies Leaves
Sea Life

Drops + Studs
Geometric Shapes

Apple Findings/ Lockets
CR104 embossed depression for thumb print container   CR105 Forever in my heart cremation container necklace   CR106 You touched my hear memorial container with crystals   CR106E You touched my heart pet cremation pendant   CR107 eternity two hearts cremation pendant   CR108 Forever with crystal stone heart cremation pendant  
CR-104 depressed thumb print area
CR-105 Forever In My Heart with Rose
CR-106 You Touched My Heart with 10 swarvski crystal stones
CR-106PAW You Touched My Heart with 10 stones + paw
eternity symbol with two hearts
CR-108 FOREVER heart with 10 swarovski stones
Cr109 Mom Guardian Angel Memorial Pendant   CR110 My dad my hero cremation container pendant   CR111 Best friends memorial sister cremation container pendant   CR112 brother always memorial container pendant   CR113 the best pet memorial container pendant   CR115 husband forever memorial container pendant  
CR-109 MOM my guardian angel with wings and halo
My Dad My Hero

CR-111 Sister
Best Friend Forever

CR-112 Brother
Always with star
PAW with the best
CR-115 Husband Forever + ever + ever
CR114 Husband cremation container pendant CR114 sterling husband cremation pendant   CR116 Wife my north south east and west cremation container   CR117 My beloved with heart cremation container pendant   CR118 sould mater memorial cremation container pendant   CR120 embossed cross memorial container pendant  
CR-114 Husband Always + Forever with Rose
CR-116 Wife
My North, South, East, + West
CR-117 My Beloved with heart
CR-118 Soul Mate with two hearts
CR-120 Embossed
CR119 ying yang my better half container pendant   CR119A Yin yang hearts memorial container pendant   CR121 embossed praying hands cremation container   CR122 embossed miraculous memorial container   CR123 embossed holy spirit memorial container pendant   CR124 embossed sacred heart cremation container pendant  
CR-124 Embossed
Sacred Heart
CR-119 my better half
yin yang symbol
yin yang hearts
CR-121 Embossed
Praying Hands
CR-122 Embossed
CR-123 Embossed
Holy Spirit
CR125 Love is a 4 legged word cremation pendant   CR126E paw memorial cremation container pendant   CR127 four paws memorial pet container   CR128 embossed paw print memorial container   CR129 embossed angel memorial container pendant  
CR-129 Embossed
Guardian Angel
CR-126E Love is a 4 legged word with color paw
Four paw prints
CR-128 Embossed
Paw with color
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