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Manufacturer's of quality-made: FASHION Jewelry, RELIGIOUS Jewelry, and LOCKETS
Unfinished, Semi-finished and Finished Findings Available - Minimum Orders Required Brass (base metal), Steel (large quantity orders), Sterling Silver, 12k & 14k Gold Fill
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slidze lockets made in usa
Made in the U.S.A.
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® Slidze Lockets -Slide Lockets

Minimum Orders per style: base metal (1 gross), sterling silver & gold fill (3 dozen), gold (contact us)
Prices vary with sterling and gold based on current daily market on date of order.
A variety of bails are available on most lockets: Regular (shown), 3/16" wide, Rabbit Ear, or Ring
Slide Lockets
Slidze Lockets are available in different sizes and shapes. Special D bail included.
Holds one photo or message to loved ones.
Patent Pending
20mm HEART
20mm OVAL
22mm ROUND
30mm ROUND
SL-9002 20mm oval
flower of life slidze locket
SL9002 Gold Slidze locket
SL-9002 20mm oval
flower of life slidze locket
SL9004D quilted slize locket with diamond  
SL9001 butterfly slidze locket
SL-9004D 20mm oval
quilt with diamond slidze locket
SL-9001 20mm oval
butterfly slidze locket
SL9006 hearts slide locket   SL9003 oval slidze locket  
SL-9003 20mm oval
cross hatch slidze locket
SL-9006 20mm oval
multi heart slidze locket
SL9005 slidze locket  
SL8030D rim slidze locket with diamond
SL-8030D 20mm oval
rim locket with diamond
SL-9005 20mm oval
Loving Memory slidze locket
SL8035 tree of love slidze locket   SL8033 oval slide locket  
SL-8035 20mm oval
Tree of love slidze locket
SL-8033 20mm oval
cross hatch slidze locket
SL8029 embossed tree of love slidze locket  
SL8034 angel wings oval slide locket
SL-8029 20mm oval
embossed tree of life
SL-8034 20mm oval
My Angel with wings
SL1007 double heart round slidze locket   SL1026 soleil round slide locket  
SL-1007 22mm round
double heart slidze locket
SL-1026 22mm round
soleil slidze locket
SL1002 Love round slidze locket SL1036 flower of life slide locket
SL-1036 22mm round
flower of life slidze locket
SL-1002 22mm round
Love slidze locket
SL1000D round slide locket with diamond
SL-1000D 22mm round
with diamond slidze locket
SL1013 embossed mom slidze locket
SL1009 embossed praying hands slidze
SL-1013 22mm round
embossed MOM slidze locket
MUM available
SL-1013 22mm round
embossed praying hands
slidze locket
SL5035 Love heart slidze locket  
SL5036 pet slidze locket
SL-5035 20mm heart
LOVE slidze locket
SL-5036 20mm heart
pet slidze locket
SL5031 20mm heart slide locket
SL-5031 20mm heart
Forever in My Heart slidze locket
SL3033 grid heart slidze locket
SL3036 forever slidze locket
SL-3033 curved heart
grid slidze locket
SL-3036 curved heart
Forever with crystal heart
slidze locket
SL3035 fancy heart slidze locket   SL5037 embossed initial slide heart locket   Sl5037A embossed initial slidze heart  
SL-3033 curved heart
fancy heart slidze locket
SL-5037A 20mm heart
embossed initial
SL-5037 20mm heart
embossed initial w/ frame
A109SL Apple slide locket with stone
A112SL Apple open slide locket
A-113SL plain apple slide locket
A-114SL Apple of my eye slide locket
A117SL Apple color slide locket
A-113/SL Plain
Domed Apple
slide locket
A-114/SL Embossed
'The Apple of My Eye' slide locket with 21pp stone
Domed Red Apple slide locket
with color
A-109/SL Embossed
Apple slide locket with 21pp stone center
A-112/SL Open
Apple slide locket with 21pp stone (any color)
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