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20mm Heart Lockets (.75" x .875")

20mm open heart locket
open 20mm heart locket
Minimum Orders per style: base metal (1 gross), sterling silver & gold fill (3 dozen), gold (contact us)
Prices vary with sterling and gold based on current daily market on date of order.

A variety of bails are available on most lockets: Regular (shown), 3/16" wide, Rabbit Ear, or Ring

The images on this web site do not reflect the actual size of product. Please refer to stated size.
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Classics   Love   Mom/Grandma     Themes   Religious   Graduate   Pet   Pattern Stock
L5190 tree of love heart locket L5191 tree of love heart locket
L-5191E tree of love
with "Mum"
L-5190 tree of love
L5183 wings with halo heart locket
L5186 My Angel heart locket
L5186A heart locket with wings L5213 wings 20mm heart locket
L-5186 wings "My Angel"
L-5213  wings
L-5183 wings with halo
L-5186A  wings
Pet Lockets
embossed tree of life heart locket
L-5182 embossed tree of life
L5160 tree of life heart locket
L-5160 tree of life
L5168 infinity heart locket
L-5168 infinity symbol
L5179 sterling infinity symbol heart locket
L-5179 infinity
L5169 Infinity symbol heart locket
L-5169 infinity symbol "Forever"
faith hope love heart locket
L5185 live love laugh heart locket
  20mm heart locket with diamond lotus  
L-5093 faith, hope, love
L-5185 live love laugh
L-5175D lotus flower
with diamond
L5175E lotus heart locket
L-5175E lotus flower
with color
Trinity of Life heart locket
L-5180 trinity spiral
L5215 western scroll heart locket L5235 western scroll sterling heart locket
western scroll
western scroll

L5241 scroll heart locket L5184 two feathers heart locket
scroll heart
L-5184 two feathers
L5176 hamsa heart locket L5088 embossed flower heart locket sterling embossed flower locket  
L-5176 hamsa
L-5088 embossed flower with color
L5189 shamrock 20mm heart locket pink ribbon heart locket yellow ribbon heart locket  
L-5058 embossed ribbon
any color available
claddagh heart locket gold claddagh locket  
L-5045 embossed claddagh
shamrock heart locket embossed shamrock heart locket
L-5061 embossed raised shamrock
gold butterfly locket butterfly with flower locket
L-5005 butterfly with flowers
silver butterfly heart locket gold locket with butterflies
L-5014 butterfly with flowers
L5130 2 birds 20 heart locket L5131 bird heart locket
L-5130 2 birds
L-5131 bird
wish heart locket
L-5083 "My Wish"
L5113 sterling 20mm heart butterfly locket
L5139 dragonflies heart locket
L-5139 dragonflies
L-5113 five butterflies
L5027 embossed teddy bear locket L5027 sterling embossed teddy bear locket
L-5027 embossed teddy bear
L5044 embossed dolphin locket L5044 sterling embossed dolphin locket
L-5044 embossed dolphin
L5177 hummingbird heart locket
L-5177E hummingbird with flowers
L5128D dragonflies with diamond heart locket L5128D gold dragonflies with diamond heart locket L5153 rays 20mm sterling heart locket L5230 checkerboard pattern heart locket
dragonflies/ diamond
L-5153 rays
checkerboard pattern
L5134 quilt locket with brite cuts heart locket L5149 quilt heart locket with crystals  
quilt with brite cuts
quilt with crystals
corss with aqua stones heart locket
gold cross locket with aqua stones
crystal cross heart locket
L-5038 embossed cross with birthstone colors available
20mm heart cross locket gold cross heart locket
L-5048 cross
silver heart locket with cross
gold lined cross with heart locket
L-5007 lined cross with heart
cross locket with flowers
gold locket with cross and flowers
L-5016 cross with leaves
sterling robed cross gold robed cross locket
L-5017 robed cross with resin
raised cross heart locket
L-5039 raised cross
sterling embossed cross heart locket   gold embossed cross heart locket
L-5047 embossed cross inside heart
sterling embossed cross locket
gold embossed cross locket
L-5063 embossed heart and cross
silver embossed cross and heart locket
embossed cross with resin heart locket
L-5063 with resin
sterling embossed cross locket
embossed celtic cross heart locket
L-5046 embossed celtic cross
prayer wish heart locket
L-5082 "Lord Hear My Prayer" Wish Heart
embossed cross and heart locket
gold embossed cross with heart locket
L-5066 embossed cross and heart
embossed cross with resin
gold embossed cross with resin
L-5066 with resin
embossed faith locket embossed faith locket with mustard seed
L-5085 "Faith" with mustard seed
L-5071 "First Holy Communion"
cross with resin heart locket gold cross with resin locket
L-5059 cross/heart with resin
embossed trinity 20mm heart locket gold trinity heart locket
L-5065 embossed trinity
sterling communion heart locket gold holy communion heart locket
L-5006 "First Holy Communion"
god bless this child heart locket
L-5020 "God Bless this Child"
sterling godmother heart locket gold godmother heart locket
L-5021A "Godmother" with dove + cross
sterling godmother locket gold godmother locket  
L-5021B "Godmother"
gold godparents locket
L-5019 "My Godparents"
confirmation heart locket gold confirmation heart locket  
L-5070 "Confirmation" with dove/cross
sterling dove locket gold dove heart locket
L-5015 Peace Dove
sterling embossed angel heart locket gold embossed angel locket
L-5040 embossed angel
sterling embossed praying hands locket gold embossed praying hands locket
L-5028 embossed praying hands
sterling embossed sacred heart locket
L-5060 Sacred Heart
sterling our lady of guadalupe locket gold our lady of guadalupe heart locket gold our lady of guadalupe locket 2 tone guadalupe heart locket
L-5029 embossed Our Lady of Guadalupe
embossed saint anthony heart locket
L-5055 embossed St. Anthony
L5124D Footprints heart locket sterling footprints locket with diamond
L-5124D footprints with diamond
L5154 St Christopher heart locket L5154 sterling st christopher locket
L-5154 St. Christopher front/back
L5148 stone cross heart locket L5141 Confirmation heart locket
L5163 footprints in the sand 20mm heart locket
L5163 footprints heart locket back  
1st Communion
L-5148 cross
with stones
L-5163 front + back
footprints with "
L5051 Grad Heart Locket sterling grad locket
L-5051 "Graduate + any date"
L5052 heart locket for graduate sterling graduate locket
L-5052 "Graduation + any date"
L5104 graduate and date heart locket L5105 Grad Locket  
L5106 sterling graduate heart locket
Gold Graduate heart locket L5102 sterling graduate heart locket
L-5107 "Grad"
+ any date"
L-5102 "Grad"
L5033 diamond pattern heart locket sterling diamond pattern locket
L-5033 diamond pattern stock
gold floral pattern heart locket L5034 silver floral heart locket
L-5034 floral pattern stock
L5035 hammer pattern heart
L-5035 hammered
pattern stock
sterling hammered pattern locket
L5036 Reptile pattern heart locket sterling reptile heart locket
L-5036 reptile pattern stock
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